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Print Swap

Hey All,

Jake here, known on the channel as ‘gmj’, my prediction is that 2017 will be ‘The year of the print’. So to get the ball rolling I thought we could have a print swap.

It doesn’t matter how you ‘make’ the print. It can be shot digital or film, printed however.

We are aiming for about an 8inch x 10inch print. Ideally to fit standard frame sizes, but whatever ratio works best for your photo really.

Your print should be a favourite photo from the last 6 months. It doesn’t have to be a specific surprise which one you plan to send, but can we try and not post about it too much.

I will collect the addresses, then hand them back out again at random.

Anyone who doesn’t deliver on sending a print agrees to donate 20 units of local currency to charity. The receiver will get an extra print from another kind soul already partaking.

Entry for the swap has closed, I am randomly working out where the prints are going.

You will get an email sent out soon.

[one_half]Playbook Challenge

We are also doing a somewhat laid back challenge, taken from a favourite book, you can see that here –

Its not related to the print swap at all, but its easier to keep these both in the same place. You can do all of the challenges, or just one whatever you want to help you get out and taking photos.