Fidget Box

Every creative person needs time to think, a common trait of this is to fidget with random things that have made it onto your desk. Rather than try and find a shelf or place for these to go, they tend to just live on my desk for when they are needed. I do keep them… Continue reading Fidget Box

Cable Tennis Balls

This is a pretty popular ‘life hack’ that is always making the rounds on Pinterest. I decided to give it a go by bolting some tennis balls I had left over from another project onto my shelves. I use one of them for headphones (which works a treat). Then the other one holds all my… Continue reading Cable Tennis Balls

My new desk lamp.

My uncle gave me this old vintage photo beauty dish. It just so happens to make for a perfect stylish desk lamp. I replaced the electronics and fitted it with a modern energy efficient bulb. It still works as an excellent beauty dish though and I have used it for a few portraits, including the… Continue reading My new desk lamp.