Keeping my desk free of cables

Well. Cable management is likely my biggest hate. If I could live in a world without any cables at all I would be a happy man. However in this line of work I really need various bits and pieces all that come with their own cables.

A while back I implemented a way of storing some of that stuff out of sight, but right at hand.

Over the years I have collected a couple of old iMac stands, one pulls duty as a laptop riser, the other I adapted to work with my monitor.







The second thing I use is this great double sided tape, its a thick gel like tape thats pretty strong, but can be removed fairly easily without leaving any marks behind. I used this to attach my USB hub, the screens power pack (In a more sensible place) along with a SD card read and a DVD drive.


I use a mixture of RapStraps and velcro ties to tidy up the cables. It’s still not perfect, but its a lot better, with most of the hard drives I need kept off my desk. Overall it works a treat. I have a few other bits hidden away underneath my desk, like my subwoofer for my speaks and a back up drive.