Fidget Box

Every creative person needs time to think, a common trait of this is to fidget with random things that have made it onto your desk. Rather than try and find a shelf or place for these to go, they tend to just live on my desk for when they are needed.

I do keep them in a little box when they get in the way though.

So far I have;

  • A little Inception inspired spinning top from Forever Spin.
  • A metal thimble, I think this may belong to my wife, I use it when sewing leather too.
  • A bit of sea glass, I love sea glass, I painted this little bit pink.
  • An original mouse ball, from back when mice use balls. A satisfyingly heavy bit of metal coated in rubber.

There are often other things that make it onto my desk, but these are the regular visitors. I will try and keep this updated with any new ones that come along.