Say hello to my Pet Marimo

Of course the internet loves to refer to them as ‘Pets’ but really they are just a plant. However it is easy to see why so many people fall in love with these little fluffy things.


While commonly referred to as ‘moss balls’ they are actually a type of algae. They obtain their ball form by the movement of the waves. When I first started working for myself I bought myself some lucky bamboo to have on my desk (I very much recommend them as a ‘my first desk plant’). 5 years later I have a second bamboo and the original one is still doing fine.


I decided the bamboo needed a friend so set about making a terrarium, which didn’t do very well. It was then that I stumbled across the Marimo, which turn out to be as easy to look after as the Lucky Bamboo.

I had this perfect piece of old chemistry glass which is basically ideal for the Marimo to live in. I popped a few stones in for decoration, but the Marimo doesn’t need them.


The best bit is, the place I ordered mine from gave me a little baby Marimo as well.